space (fresnel lense)

office / tea kitchen

matter (horse turd)

energy (circling doily on the commode)

Transchamber (I), 2015


Karte, Tischchen mit kreisendem Deckchen, jetzt-Maschine, Pferdeäpfel, Fresnel Linse, Arbeitsplatz mit Teeservice // map, little table with circling doily, now-machine, horse droppings, fresnel lense, workiplace with teaset



Transchamber (I) ist die erste öffentliche Präsentation im Kontext von transciency.




Transchamber (I) is the first public presentation in the context of transciency.


In general a transchamber is nothing stable, it is of transient nature and adapts to the circumstances and requirements. It is somtimes a living room, it can be a laboratory or a workshop and also convert into a showroom. It is set up and used by transcientists.