welcome to transciency

IF-THEN-ELSE. Welcome to transciency II, 2016


mixed media


The multipartite installation is a (pre-)construction of the research laboratory of Else Sibil Somone a transcientist who only exists in the future.

In Else's laboratory one can find appartuses designed to investigate the present, space, matter and energy. The laboratory also provides room for exploring transrational phenomena, and performing ecologically relevant experiments.

One of Else's projects for instance, involves mealworm beetles (Tenebrio molitor) and their larvae which can survive feeding mainly on polystyrene. The sound of their activity can be heard at several locations of the installation via polystyrene-loudspeakers.

On a blackboard one can find a sketch of the transmap showing distinct regions of Transciency, which are described in a supplement (Handbook of Transciency) presented in a card index box.